What are the advantages of having a regularized product in Brazil?

What are the advantages of having a regularized product in Brazil?

When taking your products to Brazil, regularization with Anvisa - (National Health Surveillance Agency) is mandatory for products in the categories: Correlates, cosmetics, sanitizing agents, medicines and others. In this content we will discuss the advantages of having a regularized product and the disadvantages of keeping the product unregistered.

Registering products is a legal obligation, as mentioned earlier! Before being able to register a product, Anvisa requires the regularization of the company, which is divided into two parts and is extremely judicious. Regularized companies and products represent reliability, as they demonstrate that the products in question passed safety and effectiveness tests before reaching the final consumer. Unregulated products do not undergo any type of testing, presenting suspicions as to safety and effectiveness in relation to the purpose of the product.

Having a regularized product provides peace of mind for the trading company, as its products can be sold freely without imminent risks. Products without registration can be seized at any time, the company can suffer complaints and have its establishment sealed, preventing it from continuing its activities.

The company that markets without regularization commits a crime against public health, this attitude may even result in arrest for those responsible.

Another clear disadvantage for those who do not have the necessary regularization is the impossibility of making large-scale sales. Many establishments can only buy regularized products, such as hospitals for example. Several products are consumed by the hospital public, such as: sanitizing for cleaning the place; PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which includes: Masks, aprons, glasses, gloves and others; Correlates such as: ultrasound equipment, radiography, stethoscope and several others.

Obtaining authorization to operate and product registrations offer several benefits for merchants over those who do not follow Brazilian law. Failure to comply with the legislation imposed by Anvisa, may result in fines, seizure of cargo, closure of the establishment and in some cases imprisonment.

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