The main questions about the Technical Assessment Report

The main questions about the Technical Assessment Report

If you are going through the adaptation process of your establishment and heard about the Technical Assessment Report and do not know its real importance, we have prepared this blog to clarify doubts, read the content and if you have any questions or requests, speak to one of our specialists.


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What is Technical Assessment Report?

First, the Technical Assessment Report (LTA) is evaluated by the supervisory Sanitary Surveillance body with the aim of ensuring the physical and functional suitability of the buildings designated for the health area.

Its aim is to improve the assessment process, increasing transparency and efficiency and ensuring compatibility between the building and its associated facilities whose primary function is healthcare.

In view of the above, the LTA is a prerequisite for the licensing of health-related establishments, as provided in Ordinance CVS 01, of August 5, 2017, and according to the criteria evaluated by the Sanitary Surveillance of each municipality.

Which Establishments need an LTA?

Among the businesses related to food are the food industry, the mineral water industry, packaging and importers.

In addition, companies that sell health-related products include the following categories: manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, pharmacies that handle prescriptions, companies that transport goods, among others.

According to the nature of this type of business, it is mandatory to obtain a Sanitary Surveillance License to have an operating license and, for some specific activities, it is necessary to issue an LTA. Also, a new LTA procedure is required both for a new company with a new building and for a factory refurbishment.

How is the LTA analysis done?

Up to three analyzes are carried out with the approval of the health authorities in relation to the documents presented. In the end, the technical team will be able to decide whether to DEFER or DISMISS the procedure, which will be published in the official municipal newspaper.

Therefore, hiring a company that has expertise in this type of service is essential to get approval for the Sanitary Surveillance LTA!

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