How to regularize coffee roasting?

How to regularize coffee roasting?

The roasting stage is certainly essential to transform coffee into the amazing drink we know. This week's blog will discuss the steps to regularize a coffee roasting process and clarify the most frequent doubts.


What you will see in this blog:

  • Technical Assessment Report;
  • Quality system;
  • Sanitary License;
  • Marketing of coffee;
  • How can we help you?

What is the first step to regularize coffee roasting?

Choosing the place to install your company, obtaining the Certificate of Land Use and Occupancy, documents for opening the company (CNPJ card, Social Contract, IE...etc.).

Elaboration of the architectural project. Your project is subject to approval by the Local Health Authority.

The establishment must be adequate according to the approved project.

To request the Sanitary License, the company must implement the quality management system.

Quality system

A Manual of Good Manufacturing Practices, Procedures and Control Records must be prepared. All these documents are intended to certify that the company will produce in compliance with hygienic-sanitary requirements and will be able to provide safe food to the consumer.

Health Surveillance inspectors will inspect the company and issue a satisfactory report, if the quality and structure documents are in accordance with the regulatory requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Sanitary License

After the inspection, if there are no requirements from the Sanitary Surveillance, the company will receive the Sanitary License and will be able to start its activities.

Everything is ready, your coffee can be marketed

Sounds simple right? But the process is very bureaucratic, each step comprises several forms that must be filled out. These are technical terms and the process can take more time for those who do not have the expertise

Focus on coffee and leave all the bureaucracy to Stone Okamont, which specializes in Sanitary License processes.

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