What are products exempt from MAPA registration?

What are products exempt from MAPA registration

When dealing with products exempt from registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, they have a simpler regulation of low complexity, in other words, they present an intermediate risk. In this case, product registration is necessary, even if products are classified as exempt.

In this blog you will learn about the products that MAPA does not register and how we at Stone Okamont can help you operate more safely and quickly, reducing bureaucracy in regulatory matters.


What you will see in this blog:

  • What is the difference between registration and product registration?
  • Which products are exempt from MAPA registration?
  • How product exemption works in MAPA
  • Does my establishment need registration?
  • Clear your doubts.

What is the difference between registration and product registration?

When it comes to MAPA, the classification of products is divided into two categories: registration and registration, both are part of the regularization of products and undergo an evaluation by the regulatory body, let's understand the difference between them.

  • Registration: Are for products exempt from registration, that is, of intermediate risk;
  • Registration: Products classified as high risk to the consumer.

What will determine your classification is the risk of the product presented.

There are several categories of products exempt from registration, and the MAPA aims to evaluate the procedures so that the production, classification, importation and commercialization of registered exempt products are carried out in accordance with the rules of the regulatory body.

Based on this, we can conclude that although the products are not registered, they need evaluation and documentation to be suitable for the market.

What products are exempt from MAPA registration?

Several products are subject to the registration exemption. There is a considerable list of exempt products that vary by product category.

Among the categories, we can mention products such as cosmetics, supplement for ruminants, pet food and Premix.

MAPA must also approve any imported goods that are excluded from registration.

How does the exemption of products in MAPA work?

The need for regulatory agency assessment is required for your exempt product, but it will all depend on the product and category.

For example, while animal nutrition products such as snacks or feed are exempt from registration, an organization must hold an EP (Producer Establishment) or EI (Importer Establishment) license, and the product must be registered with the competent authority and assigned a number. of control.

Stone Okamont is a company specialized in regulatory issues and manages the entire process, answering questions and carrying out all the information gathering so that your business and product are in compliance with the demands of the organization.

Does my establishment need registration?

Before regularizing these products exempt from registration with MAPA, there is a need to obtain the Register of Establishment in accordance with your activity, that is, to have the Company License with MAPA, being mandatory for the commercialization of the products, be it:

Distributor Establishment (ED)

Commercial Establishment (CE)

Exporting Establishment (EE)

Importer Establishment (EI), the Import Certificate is also required

Producer Establishment (EP)

Every establishment that manufactures, breaks down, distributes, imports, exports and sells must be registered with MAPA. The Establishment and the product must undergo evaluation criteria in compliance with MAPA's guidelines, standards and requirements, as well as following good manufacturing practices. The documentation may vary according to the activity, and if the establishment and products exempt from registration on the Map are not duly regularized, any operation is prohibited.

How can Stone Okamont help you?

Our highly specialized team in registering and registering products with the Ministry of Agriculture can help you and your company in your regulatory process. If you have any questions about our services, contact us through our form, our consultants will answer you as soon as possible.

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