Regulatory Intelligence - how it can help your business

Regulatory Intelligence - how it can help your business

Regulatory Intelligence is the process that provides strategic information when making effective and efficient decisions in regulatory aspects. It is one of the most important practices    for companies that need to meet government requirements.

The regulatory process uses data intelligence to monitor and capture information, and then perform an in-depth analysis of the product in question. That's why it's so important to choose regulatory advice when it comes to regulating your company.

In the regulatory affairs sector, it is necessary to have professionals trained in regulatory intelligence, giving strategic support to other sectors of the company, acting as an organized sector and having deep knowledge about the nature of the company

Stone Okamont is a company that specializes in simplifying the day-to-day life of entrepreneurs with practical solutions. Here you will find divers the results   that add to the company, its operation and its growth.

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In addition to the Regulatory Intelligence service, we are the Regulatory Advisory Board for Operating License, Company Operating Authorization , Product Registration and other services with the ministries ANVISA (Ministry of Health, National Health Surveillance Agency) and MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

See what activities Stone Okamont offers in the regulatory intelligence service.

The process covers the following activities:

  • Significant data analysis;
  • Generation, from the analysis, of significant information for the definition of the regulatory strategy;
  • Continuous monitoring of the regulatory environment, in search of opportunities to model future regulations, policies and legislation

With quality advice and gathering all the necessary documentation, we do the best job tobring the best solutions toentrepreneurs. Thus, no client suffers and with the bureaucratic procedures required by regulatory agencies and all can obtain the desired approval.

What is the purpose of Regulatory Intelligence?

Intelligence Regulatory is a strategic practice to improve or leverage the results of a company. In this service the relevant information is organized to allow the decision-making process to be the best, in the short and long term.  

The main objective of Regulatory Intelligence is to meet the needs and needs of the market in this area, and for this, we created the Zero Bureaucracy method, in a set of facilities for the client to focus on what he should focus on: his success.

Our service is done by competent technicians in each area of operation, thus having a personalized service with integrity in the information, bringing the customer agility, efficiency and quality in the services offered.

How to keep up with government movements?

To monitor government movements, you will need to know the Brazilian regulatory system and where are the main agencies responsible for regulatory changes, such as ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency and MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

For the regulatory intelligence service to be impeccable, the company needs to rely on a Regulatory Advisory Board that has a qualified technical staff to obtain its approval.

What are the Regulatory Affairs related to ANVISA?

Products under the jurisdiction of ANVISA are:

Pesticides, Food, Cosmetics, Analytical Laboratories, Medicines, Ports, Airports and Borders, Health Products, Sanitists, Blood, Tissues, Cells and Organs, Health Services, Tobacco and Pharmacopoeia.

What are the Regulatory Affairs related to MAPA?

The products under MAPA's jurisdiction are:

Products of Animal Origin, Beverages and Products of vegetal Origin, Fertilizers, Inoculants, Concealers, Animal Feed and Veterinary Products.

What are the challenges during the Regulatory Process?

The challenges during the regulatory process are numerous. Entrepreneurs who choose to face the process alone, can find great challenges along the way, making him spend more money and waste a lot of time.

In this case, knowledge is essential to go through all the steps, following the language of the regulatory body, optimizing the process.

The good part about hiring a company specialized in Regulatory Intelligence is the security in assessing the situation, preparing strategic projects, monitoring and managing the company to take strategic actions to all areas.

How can we help?

The regulatory affairs sector is responsible for the regularization of products and establishments. We have the role of guidance and technical support in the Regulatory Intelligence service in order to establish the regulatory strategy for the success and competitive advantage of the company.

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