Learn how to regulate food with ANVISA

Learn how to regulate food with ANVISA

ANVISA is responsible for overseeing and regulating the food sector. Thinking about it, Stone Okamont will teach you how to regulate food with ANVISA!

Understanding food classifications in the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency can be a difficult task, since only processed foods, with the exception of a few, are registrable.

Stone Okamont has experience in the regulatory pathways and a team of specialized professionals to help you and regulate food with ANVISA! Read the article and find out how we can help you!

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How does ANVISA classify food?

Food is any substance or mixture of substances, in the most appropriate physical state, that provides the human organism with the elements for its formation, maintenance or development.

Before starting the process to regulate food with ANVISA, it is necessary to obtain the Operating License.

Operating License to regulate food with ANVISA

The Operating License is the first step to regulate food with ANVISA.

This document is obtained from a survey carried out by the Local Sanitary Surveillance, VISA.

If the establishment receives approval, it means that there are technical and operational conditions necessary to carry out the intended activity.

After your company is duly regularized, you can start the procedure to regulate food with ANVISA.

What types of food need regulation with ANVISA?

Before starting the regulation of food with ANVISA, the product should be classified and checked whether it is registrable or not.

In natura foods, that is, of animal or vegetable origin that do not require any preparation other than hygiene and conservation need not be registered with ANVISA.

To regulate food with ANVISA, the condition is that the product be processed. However, there are processed foods that are exempt from registration.

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Process to regulate food with ANVISA

When initiating the process necessary to regulate food with ANVISA, the company will need to assemble a compilation of technical data about the product.

In addition, there are labeling requirements for information. Some of them are:

  • Name and / or brand of the food;
  • Number of the registration of the food in the competent organ of the Ministry of Health,
  • The quality, nature and type of food.

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Do I need an AFE to regulate food with ANVISA?

The AFE, Operation Permits, is required to regulate food with ANVISA.

However, unlike other products, for the food category it is not necessary to carry out the AFE petition.

The authorization is obtained automatically along with the approval of the food registry at the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency.

Is it necessary to renew the registration of food with ANVISA?

After filing the food registration with ANVISA, the maximum period for granting the regulation is 60 (sixty) days.

The registration must be renewed every 10 (ten) years, being valid throughout the national territory.

How to regulate food with ANVISA with ease?

Stone Okamont is a regulatory affairs company that has a personalized service! We understand the need of each client and we elaborate the best way for their regulation.

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