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The new nutrition labeling is a measure implemented to provide clearer and more understandable information about the nutritional value of foods to consumers. In today's blog we will clarify the main doubts regarding this subject.


What you will see in this Blog:

Front-of-pack nutrition labeling

Front-of-pack nutrition labeling is an informative symbol that must remain on the front of the package, and is thus considered the most innovative of the new regulations. The main idea is to inform the consumer in a clear and direct way about the high value of important nutrients for health.

Thus, the magnifying glass was developed, which has as its main objective to identify the high concentrations of the following three nutrients: added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium. The symbol should be applied on the front face of the product, at the top, because this is an area that is easily identified to the consumer.

Change in nutritional information

The nutritional table must contain black letters and a white background. Thus avoiding the use of contrasts that could disturb the reading of the information.

Another change that was made is the information available in the table. The declaration of total and added sugars, energy value and nutrients per 100g or 100ml will become mandatory.

Also, the table should be placed next to the ingredients list and in one continuous space, rather than being divided. It cannot be displayed in closed areas, deformed places or regions that are difficult to see.

The exception only applies to products in small packages (rotational area less than 100 cm2), in which case the table may be presented in covered areas, provided that the information is easily accessible.

How important are these nutrition labeling changes?

The new nutrition labeling aims to provide information in a clearer and easier to understand way. This helps consumers directly observe energy values, sugar content, saturated fats, sodium and other nutrients, allowing a more objective and informed comparison when choosing healthier foods, thus allowing them to avoid or reduce their consumption and opt for healthier alternatives, if they wish.

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