How to regularize your chemical industry for the cosmetics manufacture?

How to regularize your chemical industry for the cosmetics manufacture?

What is needed to regularize your chemical industry for the cosmetics manufacture? Follow our blog and have your doubts answered.


The cosmetics market has developed more every day, the proof of this is that large chemical companies have found in the cosmetic activity a great potential and financial profits both in the supply of raw material as well as the finished product.


With the current and growing demand for products that contribute to health, beauty and skin care, in addition to the vast commercialization of cosmetic products, chemical companies have found great business in regularizing their companies at ANVISA and Transforming or adding into its chemical industries the cosmetics manufacturing activities, thus making it highly necessary and essential to regularize its chemical industry for the manufacture of cosmetics at ANVISA.


Stone Okamont helps your company to understand all the steps of how to regularize your chemical industry, preparing your company and advising it with the necessary documentation, in a very quick form and satisfactory results signed by our highly specialized technical team. Check out!

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What is needed to regularize the chemical industry for the cosmetics manufacture?

It is essential to obtain the operating license followed by the operating authorization (AFE), so the products manufacture and distribution will be allowed.


Every company needs the Operating License issued by VISA (Local Sanitary Surveillance). This document is the guarantee that the establishment follows all the rules established by the state and municipality where the company is installed.


As ANVISA groups cosmetics in the same area of perfumes and hygiene products, when obtaining an AFE for cosmetics it is also possible to act in these two other modalities.


Stone Okamont uses the Zero Bureaucracy method to optimize processes and procedures for the registration of cosmetics at ANVISA, delivering accurate and satisfactory results in your company licensing.


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