How to register vermicide in MAPA?

How to register vermicide in MAPA?

Vermicide is a type of veterinary product that kills or expels intestinal worms. It is considered a medicine according to MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).
Products for veterinary use are all chemical, biological and biotechnological substances, intended for the prevention, diagnosis, cure or treatment of animal diseases.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply is responsible for inspecting and guaranteeing the qualities of these products, and it is necessary to go through an extensive regulatory process before their commercialization.

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How is a veterinary medicine classified in MAPA?

Veterinary medicine is any chemical, biological, biotechnological substance or manufactured preparation intended to prevent, treat or cure animal diseases.
However, before registering veterinary medicine with MAPA, it is necessary that your company is also properly regularized.

Register vermicide in MAPA?

To register vermicide in MAPA, the company must make an application in which some information is needed. Here are some examples:

I - Purpose of registration;
II - Full name of the product;
III - name, qualification and registration number of the technician responsible for the product.
In addition, some documents are required to register veterinary medicine with MAPA:
I - Labeling model;
II - Declaration by the responsible technician assuming responsibility for the product;
III - technical report prepared in accordance with that defined by MAPA.

What is the validity of the vermicide registration in the MAPA?

After registering a veterinary medicine with MAPA, it will be necessary to renew the registration only every 10 (ten) years.
The application must be made up to 120 (one hundred and twenty) days before the end of its validity, the renewal being granted up to 30 (thirty) days before the expiration date of the registration.

Establishment Registration at MAPA

To be able to register vermicide in MAPA, it is first necessary that your establishment be duly regularized with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.
In the compilation of technical data, some information will be required:
I - Purpose for which the establishment is intended;
II - Corporate name of the owner company;
III - Nature of the products to be sold.
It is also at this moment that the activity of the establishment must be decided: importer, distributor or manufacturer.
After your company is properly regularized, it's time to start registering veterinary medicine with MAPA!

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