How to register sour cream in MAPA?


Widely used in cooking and confectionery cream nothing more and than fat separated from milk through high-speed rotation processes, but it wasn’t always so. Many years ago, since man began milking cows the sour cream already existed.

At that time, the product formed a very tasty white cream on the surface of the milking bucket and this product was used in sweet and savory recipes.

In this content we’ll cover what it takes to register sour cream in MAPA and briefly talk about the regulatory steps to get the registration of your product. Check it out!

To register sour cream in MAPA, it’s essential to have the knowledge of it’s classification. This product enters the dairy category, requiring registration, as well as all products of animal origin.

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Do I need to regularize my company to register sour cream in MAPA?

The regularization of the company is fundamental to register sour cream in MAPA. Regularization is requested according to the activity carried out by the company. By obtaining the Establishment Registration, your company is able to manufacture, store and distribute. 

Implementation of the Quality System to register sour cream in MAPA

The Good Practice System is a tool with the objective of ensuring the conformity, quality and safety of products. The Quality System is implemented exclusively for each establishment, aiming at all hygienic, sanitary and operational procedures.

Our team is competent to develop the Quality System, prepare the quality manual based on Good Practices and, through implementation and correction audits, indicate what should be improved throughout the Quality System through reports.

What does it take to register sour cream on MAPA?

To register cream, it’s necessary to submit tests of the final product to ensure that there was no contamination and/or addition of products not allowed. To obtain the registration of the product it’s mandatory to obtain the seal of the “SIF” (Federal Inspection Service) responsible for evaluating the quality of products of animal origin, whether edible or not.

In the case of dairy products, the inspection of the “SIF” is carried out by “DIPOA” (Division of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin) which is the division that operates with edible animal products. 

What is Animal Products Inspection?

The Inspection of Products of Animal Origin is a system that aims to ensure the quality of a food before marketing. The inspection can be carried out by the Federal Inspection Service (SIF), the São Paulo State Inspection Service (SISP) or the Municipal Inspection Service (SIM). Generally, the most commonly used is SIF.

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