How to register seeds in MAPA?

How to register seeds in MAPA?

The registration of seeds and seedlings is carried out by RENASEM, a MAPA service that grants registration and accreditation in the National System of Seeds and Seedlings.

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Any natural or legal person who carries out activities of production, processing, packaging, storage, analysis, trade, import and export of seeds and seedlings must register with the National Registry of Seeds and Seedlings (RENASEM).

RENASEM was instituted by Law No. 10,711 of August 5, 2003, being an instrument for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) to be able to fulfill its task of supervising the production and trade of seeds and seedlings.

During the process of regularization of your company, the application form must be signed and the other documents filed with the Federal Superintendence of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - SFA of the State or the Federal District.

After regularization, your company is already qualified to perform the activities of seed store, seed processor, seed and seedling trader, seed producer, seedling producer, repacker, own production certifier, seed analysis, seedling analysis, sampler, certifying entity, technician and laboratory manager.

National Registry of Cultivars - RNC:

The purpose of the RNC is to enable cultivars and species for the production and sale of seeds and seedlings in the country, regardless of the group to which they belong - forestry, forage, fruit, large crops, vegetables, ornamentals and others.

Currently, the National Cultivar Registry has increased its agricultural productivity and the quality of its inputs and derived products. The cultivars are made available to the farmer with the latest research advances in genetics and plant breeding, transformed into inputs, in the form of propagation material.

Sending requests for new records of cultivars and species at the RNC:

The request for a new registration of cultivars and species in Brazil is carried out by filling and forwarding by electronic means, the respective registration form and the necessary attachments.

To carry out the process, we at Stone Okamont provide advisory and regulatory consultancy services to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

First, we need to fill out an application form and register the product with your state's Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development.

The analysis of applications for registration with the RNC will be carried out after proof of payment of the fee corresponding to the service. Once the registration or registration is approved, your company will undergo inspection, requiring a technical officer present on the day.

In addition, it is recommended to check with the Agriculture Secretariat of the respective state government if there is any other procedure to be followed at the state level for complete legalization of the enterprise.

The instructions for operating in the RENASEM system and guidelines for issuing the GRU for payments and fees can be resolved and clarified by one of our consultants or through the User Manual, located on the MAPA website.

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