How to register products at MAPA?

How to register products at MAPA?

How to register products at MAPA?

Do you have doubts about how to register products at MAPA? Follow this week's blog and stay on top of the fundamental steps to the registration.


If you do not yet have your establishment's license, it is important that you first of all know that in order to register products, your company needs to have the proper license according to its activities.


The Product Registration is a document issued by MAPA, legalizing it for commercialization. Every product or merchandise that depends on regularization at the Ministry of Agriculture needs to obtain this registration before commercializing.

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We will use the zero bureaucracy method, which consists of three steps:


The first step to register products at MAPA is the compilation of a technical documentation, that is, we will talk about your product in relation to issues related to flash point, density and technical applications. All these topics needs to be compiled, studied and verified for the assembly of the second part of how to register products at MAPA;


We call it a technical report that needs to be done according to your registration process and the type of product you are claiming, remembering that the technical report is also accompanied by the third and final step;


The product applications and tests are linked to the type of product, if it has residual, needs an intake assessment, the recommended amount of consumption and a series of other information.


We are dealing in a very comprehensive way with how to register products at MAPA, ranging from foliar fertilizer to even a product for human consumption. However, it is important to respect all these steps to obtain the product registration at MAPA.


Remembering that the registration of products at MAPA must be compiled in the form of a process, containing a technical report, use instructions, labeling, all according to the application of your product. These products are then evaluated by MAPA which will give their approval or disapproval, remembering that during the processes there may be new requirements for your product, but don't worry about it, Stone Okamont exists to help you exactly in these issues, in the creation and preparation of this process as well as to help with the requirements or notifications that MAPA may have for your company, we are ready to help you.


We operate as an intermediary between the company and the Ministry during the advisory and consultancy process for the Products Registration, facilitating the entire procedure in a customized way for each type of product.


Talk to one of our professionals and have your doubts answered about how to register products at MAPA.

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