How to register neem oil at MAPA?

How to register neem oil at MAPA?

In this content we will cover what it takes to register neem oil at MAPA and briefly talk about the regulatory steps to obtain your product registration.


Neem oil is generally used in agriculture for the production of fertilizers and pest control, that is, pesticides that help in the fight against more than 200 species of insects, pests, lice, cockroaches, moths and is considered a low impact product (biological and organic).

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Do I need to regularize my company to register neem oil at MAPA?

The company's regularization is essential to register neem oil at MAPA. It is requested according to the activity carried out by the company. Obtaining the Establishment Registration, your company will be able to manufacture, store and/or distribute.


Establishment Registration

Before obtaining the approval of neem oil, it will be necessary to obtain the Registration of Establishment, the company must be regularized at MAPA even if you are importing, manufacturing or buying from someone who already has regulation. If in some way you perform an action, it is necessary to regulate your company.


The Establishment Registration is the necessary regularization for your company to carry out its activities with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).


In order to register a product, the company must be duly regularized at MAPA, within the rules of its specific function.


The Quality System Implementation to register neem oil at MAPA.

The good practices system is a tool to ensure product compliance, quality and safety. The quality system is implemented in an exclusive way for each establishment, aiming at all hygienic, sanitary and operational procedures.


Stone Okamont has a competent team to develop the quality system, prepare the quality manual based on good practices and, through implementation and correction audits, indicate what needs to be improved throughout reports.


What does it take to register neem oil at MAPA?

To register neem oil at MAPA, it must be ensured that it does not pose risks to human health, ensure that there has been no contamination and/or addition of unauthorized products, through test and analysis reports. In addition, the entire regularization process must be presented in a technical dossier format and evaluated by the competent technical authority designated by MAPA.


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