How to register milk producer establishments?

How to register milk producer establishments?

If you are in doubt about how to register a dairy farm, you are in the right place, on this week's blog we will show you the fundamental steps to obtain this registration.


According to MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), Brazil is the third largest milk producer in the world. Milk is a highly nutritious food, rich in carbohydrates (lactose), proteins, vitamins and calcium in its composition and, therefore, in addition to being healthy and practical, it helps in nutritional balance.

Daily consumption of cow's milk or dairy products brings many health benefits, as it is considered a complete food, which helps to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Dairy establishments must be registered at the competent Agency, which in this case is the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and comply with Decree No. 9013 of 2017 and Ordinance No. 393 of 2021.

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How to register milk producer establishments?

Before registering a product, MAPA must grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the establishment operates within the norms of its specific function.


What is Animal Products Inspection?

The inspection and fiscalization of Animal Origin Products aims to ensure the quality and food safety before its commercialization.

The inspection of establishments that carry out interstate or international commercialization is responsibility of the Federal Inspection Service (SIF), under the Department of Animal Products Inspection (DIPOA), linked to the Ministry of Agriculture , Livestock and Supply (MAPA).


Establishment Registration Validity

All animal origin products undergo careful monitoring. To guarantee the technical and logistical quality of the products, MAPA authenticates the Registration of Establishments every 10 years, being valid throughout the national territory.


Implementation of the Quality System

The Quality System is a set of interconnected elements (Standard Operating Procedures and Verification Forms), which work as a cog in the quality process in all organizational processes. It is a management system that helps running and controlling a company.

Through the Quality Management System (QMS) the company is able to control, evaluate and standardize all its processes and measure the effectiveness of the actions taken to achieve quality.

After registering the milk producer establishment, our team develops the Quality System, preparing the quality manual based on Good Practices and, through implementation and correction audits, indicating what should be improved throughout reports.


Product Registration

All products delivered to the commerce must be identified through registered labels. It is up to the registered or qualified company to comply with current legislation, as well as the Product Registration.

Before registering the milk producer establishment at MAPA, we analyze the documentation and point out what is necessary for the type of product you want to register. We do everything that is requested during this Product Registration process.


How to register milk producer establishments efficiently, quickly and economically?

Registering a dairy establishment is easy.

Stone Okamont works as an intermediary between your company and MAPA, facilitating the entire advisory and consulting process with customized procedures for each type of product.

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