How to register inoculant in MAPA?

How to register inoculant in MAPA?

How to register inoculant in MAPA?

We have prepared this blog for you who have doubts about how to register inoculant in MAPA, at Stone Okamont we are a specialized company and duly trained in the technique of registering products with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, always aiming to take care of all process.

What are inoculants?

Inoculants are biological products capable of bringing benefits to plants, these are composed of bacteria responsible for forming nodules in their roots, these nodules transform the plant into an ideal agricultural organism, making unnecessary the use of some types of fertilizers.

In order to register an inoculant with MAPA, it is essential to have the necessary knowledge, for this Stone Okamont can help you obtain the registration of your product.

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Establishment MAP

The Registration of Establishment with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities. Therefore, before registering a product, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply must grant the Registration of Establishment, proving that the company operates within the rules of its specific function.

The Registration of Establishment needs to be renewed every 10 years, being valid throughout the national territory.

Implementation of the Best Practices system

This is an important part of regularization and must be performed prior to registering inoculants in MAPA. The Implementation of the Good Practices System is essential for the regulation of the establishment. This system is composed of norms related to the activities performed by the company: production, distribution, storage, etc. The function of the system is to establish standard procedures for each activity.

What is needed to register inoculant?

After the company is regularized, it is possible to file an application to register the inoculant in the MAPA.

Stone Okamont operates as an intermediary between your company and MAPA, facilitating the entire advisory and consulting process with a customized procedure for each type of product.

We review the documentation prior to requesting registration, and in that documentation review we point out what is required for the type of product you want to register. We elaborate everything that is requested during this Product Registration process.

How can we help?

Stone Okamont has expertise in the regulatory paths of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

Company and product regularization processes are very complicated and bureaucratic, so Stone Okamont has specialists in regulatory affairs to advise you at all stages and ensure that each process takes place as quickly as possible at the lowest cost.

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