How to register hair dye at Anvisa?

How to register hair dye at Anvisa?

The practice of changing hair color is very common nowadays, especially for women who love to innovate, with that in mind we developed a blog for you who manufacture these highly sought products. Remembering that before commercializing the product, you must register it first, and if you have no idea about how to register hair dye at Anvisa, follow some fundamental topics for this process.


At first we will address the risk classification at Anvisa, the classification of hair dye at Anvisa is risk level II. From this point on, we will gather the documents that are required to register hair dye at Anvisa.


Some consultancies proceed unethically when registering hair dye at Anvisa, placing the risk classification in the product name, for example: notifying a product that requires registration due to its classification, but the regularization was not correctly carried out. This can compromise its activities and its products in the event of an inspection for improper use of the labeling or alteration of the composition.


It is important to say that in this process there is a need for tests and reports to register hair dye at Anvisa, if you do not present your process, the petition may be rejected. They serve to prove the safety and efficacy of the product. After analyzing the documentation, Anvisa will publish the registration number in the official journal.


It is necessary to understand that, in order to petition any product, first it is mandatory to regularize the responsible company for producing and distributing the products.


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What is the first step to register hair dye at Anvisa?

In the first step, it is necessary to obtain your company's Operating License from Visa.

This phase is the most criterious part of the entire process, it also requires the manual of good practices.

The Sanitary License is issued by the local or state VISA (Sanitary Surveillance), during the initial petition, in order to regularize the company at ANVISA (National Sanitary Surveillance Agency). After your company obtains the Operating License, it will be necessary to file the AFE petition, as it is still not possible to register hair dye with Anvisa.


Company operating authorization?

The Company Operation Authorization (AFE) is one of the most important regulatory steps for the success of your business, and for this reason, it is necessary to have specialized technical support.


As it is a requirement of ANVISA, companies automatically need an Company Operation Authorization (AFE) to operate within the rules provided by law.


This document will allow you to actually carry out the set of activities that were requested at the beginning of your operating license, whether manufacturing, importing, exporting or distributing.


According to activities and fields such as sanitizing products, medicines, health products, cosmetics... you will be able to regularize the products for commercialization.

In this case, your AFE must be for cosmetics so you can register hair dye at Anvisa.


Hair dye registration at Anvisa

For each type of regularization, there is a different process to be carried out with ANVISA. Notification or registration are modalities of product regularization. Each type of regularization modality has a different process time.


Cosmetics are classified into Risk Grade 1 and 2. Grade 1 cosmetics are simpler and they are notified, while registered Grade 2 cosmetics have specific indications that require proof of safety and efficacy, information on care, method and restrictions. of use.


In the case of hair dyes at Anvisa, they are usually classified as risk class II because there is a chemical process involved, so as this class is not every product or chemical component that can be registered, ANVISA also determines a positive list of what can be done at the coloring processes such as straightening, hair treatment and others.


Here we will gather the required documentation and make the petition. At this moment it is distributed to the responsible area and now it is just a matter of time until the hair dye be granted by Anvisa.


How to register hair dye at Anvisa with efficiency, agility and economy?

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