How to register gin in MAPA?

How to register gin in MAPA?

In this week's blog we will deal with a subject that pleases many, the famous gin, a drink that has become popular in recent years, widely used in drinks, but the question that remains is, how to register gin in the MAP?

The procedure required to register gin with MAPA can be somewhat confusing, but having your company duly legalized with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply is essential.

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What is the definition of gin?

Gin is a distilled beverage that is based on the fermentation of cereals, such as corn, wheat, even rice, with or without the addition of another aromatic vegetable substance.


Register of Establishment for gin

In order to start registering gin in MAPA, you must first legalize your company.

The Register of Producer Establishments is the regulation intended for companies that want to operate in the manufacture of gin.

This license is applied in establishments that transform raw material, semi-industrialized or industrialized into beverages.


What is the validity of the Registration of Establishment?

The Producer or Manufacturer Establishment Registration is valid throughout the national territory and only needs to be renewed every ten years.

The registration must undergo changes when the current legislation undergoes changes. The modification in the documentation must occur within the period established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.


How to register gin on the MAP?

After legalizing your business, the establishment is ready to register gin on the MAPA!

For this, it is necessary to prepare a request containing some information about the gin. It should contain data such as the percentage of ingredients, the name and additives.

It is necessary to pay attention to the technical issues of your product when compiling data and information.

What is the best way to register gin in MAPA?

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