How to register apple cider vinegar at MAPA?

How to register apple cider vinegar at MAPA?

Vinegar over the years has been made by fermenting various materials such as honey, beetroot, among others. However, among so many types of vinegar, the one that stands out for its properties are those made from apples. We will deal with it on our blog and address some points such as establishment registration, quality system and normative instruction, for more information follow the full article.


There are several applications for apple cider vinegar ranging from health care to even food, it can be used to help weight loss or also help with the prevention of chronic diseases.

New parameters were published in March 2020 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa). This is the revision of IN 34/2012.


According to Normative Instruction (IN) nº 16 in the preparation of fermented fruit, the use of sugar is prohibited. The purpose of this change in the regulations is to stop consumer fraud, bringing security about what is announced by the manufacturer and that there will be no raw material other than what is announced.

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How to register apple cider vinegar?

To get apple cider vinegar registration, your business must comply with regulatory agency requirements. And before getting the product deferral, you need to obtain the Establishment Registration.


The Establishment Registration is the necessary regularization for your company to carry out its activities with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.


Before registering a product, it is necessary that MAPA grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the rules of its specific function.


The Quality System implementation to register apple cider vinegar.

The Quality System is a fundamental and mandatory tool whose main objective is to ensure the conformity, quality and safety of products. The Quality System is implemented exclusively for each establishment, aiming at all the hygienic, sanitary and operational procedures elaborated, designed and implemented according to each company and activity to be performed, always aiming at care with process and product.


Stone Okamont has a highly specialized team, duly trained in the art and technique to develop the most varied Quality Systems, in accordance with a wide range of global legislative variations.


Stone Okamont is also part of a small and select group of brazilian companies capable of carrying out “Quality System Harmonizations” in any country. Actions such as the elaboration of quality manuals based on Good Practices and, through corrective audits, are part of our company's day to day, in this way, registering autogenous vaccines at MAPA is easier and less bureaucratic for your company.


What is the vinegar category?

There are categories within the Ministry of Agriculture, such as beverages are separated by fermented, distilled, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, the same thing happens within the category of vinegars that go through a regulatory process, for this reason it is necessary to have a clear definition of your type of vinegar and the processes involved.


What does it take to register apple cider vinegar at MAPA?

To register apple cider vinegar at MAPA, it is basically necessary to present tests, reports, studies and valid certificates of the final product to guarantee its effectiveness and safety.


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