How to register a rapid veterinary test?

How to register a rapid veterinary test

Rapid veterinary tests or snap tests have been a great alternative for diagnosing diseases that affect dogs and cats. The reason for this success is that the results come out in a few minutes and dispense the use of other technologies. With this ease the tests can be done in the veterinary clinics.

The function of the tests can be varied, they aim to detect infectious diseases through the presence of antigens or antibodies. Remembering that the rapid veterinary test should be chosen based on the specific pathology of the disease, for the detection of its antigens or antibodies.

Nowadays there are several types of available tests with an analysis range of various biological materials. It’s already possible to find these rapid tests in pet stores, but remember that these products needs to be regularized at the brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) before its commercialization.

In this content we will talk about all necessary steps to register a rapid veterinary test at MAPA.

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Product classification - MAPA

Before registering a rapid veterinary test at MAPA it’s necessary to know its classification. The MAPA classifies rapid veterinary tests as a veterinary product.

Establishment Registration at MAPA

The Establishment Registration is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its activities. Therefore, before registering a rapid veterinary test, it’s necessary that the MAPA grants the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the standards of its specific functions.

This license is intended for companies that turn raw materials into other products. That means each specific activity receives a specific regulation.

The Establishment Registration must be renewed annually to be valid throughout the country.

Implementation of the Quality System to register a rapid veterinary test

The Good Practice System a tool with the objective of ensuring the conformity, quality and safety of products. The Quality System is implemented exclusively for each establishment, aiming at all hygienic, sanitary and operational procedures.

Our team is competent to develop the Quality System, prepare the quality manual based on Good Practices and, through implementation and correction audits, indicate what should be improved throughout the Quality System through reports.

After the company's regularization, it’s finally possible to register a rapid veterinary test at MAPA.

MAPA Product Registration

Stone Okamont operates in an intermediate way between the company and the agency during the product registration and advisory process,facilitating the entire procedure in a customized manner for each type of product.

We review the documentation prior to the request to register rapid veterinary tests, and in this analysis of the documentation, we provide the necessary applicable reports and laboratory tests for the type of product that you want to register. We also elaborate technical portfolio and everything that is necessary during this product registration process.

The best method to register a rapid veterinary test

To register rapid veterinary testing is easy, come to Stone Okamont.

We know that the processes of regularization of companies and products are very complicated and bureaucratic, without the necessary knowledge in this field it’s practically impossible to complete them without having to redo it several times, in this way, spending a lot of time and money.

To do this, Stone Okamont has regulatory experts to advise you at every step and ensure that the course of each process will occur as quickly as possible at the lowest cost.

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