How to get Establishment Registration for refrigerator on MAPA?

How to get Establishment Registration for refrigerator on MAPA?

Prepared a refrigerator can be a great business idea that’ll bring great future yields and investment opportunities. With the expansion of agriculture and the increase in soybean and cattle production, mostly destined for export, large companies are increasing production.    

The growth in demand for beef has increased greatly in the last 50 years. Consumption also increased rapidly. Today, production is almost five times higher. One of the countries that import brazilian beef the most is China.

To register an establishment, there are several standard instructions for each activity, rules and steps that must be followed with MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply). If bureaucracy isn’t your thing contacting Stone Okamont, we do all the work for you from start to finish. No rework and unnecessary expenses.

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See what the MAPA function:  

MAPA - Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

 The establishments responsible for the marketing of beef and their derivatives are submitted to sanitary inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture. This inspection is important so that both national and international consumers can have the confidence that the product meets all sanitary requirements.

(Source: MAPA)

You who want to obtain the Refrigerator Establishment Registry on MAPA will go through these steps:

Establishment Registration

The Establishment Registration with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities.

Therefore, before registering a product, it is necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the standards of its specific function.

The Establishment Registration with MAPA is related to the regulations of the area of operation of a company. That is, each specific activity receives a specific regulation.

If the company works with import, its regulations will be focused on import. If it is a producing company, the legislation applied will be in accordance with the production regulations. If you only store products, legislation that handles storage will apply.

What is SIF?

If the product that your company wants to register is of animal origin, edible or not edible, then it will be subject to the legislation imposed by DIPOA, which is nothing more than a specific organ within MAPA itself.

DIPOA is the Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin, with the Federal Inspection Service (SIF) being responsible for overseeing the imposed rules.

By correctly following all the guidelines and registering your product of animal origin, it will be possible to obtain the registration title in the SIF and use the seal on the labeling.

 SIF - Federal Inspection Service

Have you noticed the Federal brand when buying an animal product?

 This mark is the result of preventive action of federal agricultural inspectors in industrial facilities where the slaughter, processing and storage of animal products occurs.

 Inspections attest to the sanitary quality of the products, which are approved, are stamped and authorize the marketing. The ficais examine the areas of slaughterhouses and refrigerators and verify the application of self-control programs that must be implemented, the documentation and health conditions of the animal. Immediately after slaughter, the viscera and carcasses are inspected.

Obtaining Title registration in the SIF

 After the completion of the works, the SIPOA of the region must be asked to visit and then be prepared report, which must also be included in the registration application process.

When inspecting the establishment, the technician will request a complete analysis of the water supply, a basic condition necessary for an industry to operate with handling of products of animal origin. It will also apply for the operating license issued by the state environmental agency.

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