How do I get Environmental Licensing?

How do I get Environmental Licensing?

Did you know that to open a company or expand activities that can pollute environmental courses it is mandatory to make an environmental licensing?

The environmental license is a document issued to companies that may present potential polluting to the environment. Environmental control is carried out through the document.

Environmental licensing is issued local environmental agencies or customs agencies, authorizing the opening and implementation of the company after supervising its activities. The issuance of the environmental license will depend on where your company wants to be installed and the environmental impact that can be caused.

The objective of this procedure is to monitor possible activities that use our natural resources, that may be polluting or that may cause environmental degradation.

If you have questions about how to take the environmental license, in this content we will talk about the regulatory steps for you to get the licensing of your enterprise or activity in a simple way.

If you find it difficult to adapt your company or product under current laws seek advice.

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See what steps are required to obtain environmental licensing.

What is Environmental Licensing?

Environmental Licensing is a procedure for the protection of natural resources, supervised by the competent environmental agency. This document is mandatory for companies that carry out activities harmful to the environment.

What activities and enterprises are subject to CETESB’s Environmental Licensing?

Any company and/or activity that is considered sources of pollution. The source of pollution is considered to be activities that cause or may cause environmental pollution through the emission of pollutants.

Environmental licensing steps

The license is issued in three steps, can be issued separately or successively, depending on the type of activity to be licensed.  See:

The Environmental Licensing process consists of three licenses, which are: 

Prior License (LP)

This is the first document issued by the responsible environmental agency, is the preliminary authorization of the company'splanning. This first license assesses the location and proposal, certifying that the establishment is environmentally viable. The prior license is valid for four years.

Another detail of the process that can occur in the Prior License (LP) is the requirement of Studies and Evaluation of Environmental Impacts (AIA) for the continuation of the company's project.

Installation License (LI)

This is the second step of the to obtain environmental licensing. The Installation License deve be obtained before the construction of the enterprise, since the document authorizes the construction of the establishment.

Remembering that in this step it is necessary a redoubled attention, since the installation of the company must faithfully follow the initial planning, previously approved. Unlike the first document, its validity is six years.

 Operating License (LO)

It is the last stage of environmental licensing; it is the document that certifies the release of the establishment tocarry out the activities and offer services tothe market. At this stage of the regulatory process the company will be inspected to assess whether the company was built according to the project, from an environmental point of view.

If there is no requirement on the part of the regulatory body, your license must be granted. At this stage the validity of the license varies from four to six years, and its renewal is necessary.

Who is responsible for the environmental license?

Depending on how the enterprise affects and/or pollutes the environment, different environmental agencies may issue such permits, however, the process can only be conducted by only one of them.

The body responsible for the release of environmental licensing, as well as the established standards and criteria is the authority of the National Council of the Environment (CONAMA), advisory and deliberative body of the National Environment System (SISNAMA).

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