Company License with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

Company License with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

MAPA is the acronym for Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. MAPA is responsible for the regulation of companies, products of animal, vegetal and mineral origin.

One of the functions of MAPA is to act as a regulatory agency. It is the ministry that regulates the products and the companies so that they operate following the standards of quality approved according to Normative Instructions (IN) and other federal, state and other laws established by the Ministry of Agriculture itself, so that the final consumer has the quality desired in your products.

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What does the MAPA verify?

The MAPA usually verifies the hygienic and sanitary conditions of products involved in animal and plant production issues, verifies the company's documentary regulatory order and the technical evaluation of the products. If such products produced by the company have the necessary conditions to reach the final consumer.

How does a Company License work?

The Company License with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities.

Therefore, before registering a product, it is necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply grant the Company License, proving that the company acts within the norms of its specific function.

What types of regulation are carried out with MAPA?

The regulation is related to the the area of operation of a company. That is, each specific activity receives specific regulation.

If the company works with imports, its regulation will be for import. If it is a production company, the legislation applied will be in accordance with the production regulations. If you only store products, the legislation dealing with storage will apply.

The activities are:

  • Distributor Establishment;
  • Store;
  • Establishment Producer;
  • Warehousing Establishment;
  • Exporter Establishment;
  • Importer Establishment;
  • Related Establishment;
  • Establishment Producer of Animal Origin.

What is the importance of the Quality System in the process of obtaining a Company License from MAPA?

In any area related to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) it is necessary to apply the Quality System.

A functional and operational Quality System is essential to obtain the Company License, since it is necessary to prove that the company follows the quality standards adopted by MAPA.

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