What products are exempt from registration with MAPA?

What products are exempt from registration with MAPA?

Registration of products with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) is a crucial step to ensure the safety and quality of products intended for human consumption. However, not all products are subject to this process. In this blog, we will explore which products are exempt from registration with MAPA and understand the reasons behind this exemption.

What you'll find in this blog:

What is the difference between a product requiring registration and one that is exempt from registration with MAPA?

The determination of the need for registration or exemption for a product is detailed in MAPA regulations. Companies must be aware of the rules applicable to their sector to ensure compliance. Consulting regulations or seeking assistance from specialized professionals is essential to ensure legal compliance and regularization of products. For example:

Complexity and Risk: Products that have greater complexity in their composition, processing, or pose potential risks to public health require registration with MAPA.

Examples: Processed foods, food additives, pesticides, veterinary drugs, agricultural inputs, among others.

Low Risk: Products considered low risk to public health and food safety may be exempt from registration.

Examples: Some animal products such as eggs, honey, fresh milk, among others, may be exempt from registration depending on specific conditions established by MAPA regulations.

Products exempt from registration.

Among the products exempt from registration with MAPA, we can highlight some specific groups. Some of these products include:

Handcrafted Products:

Many products produced in a traditional way, such as cheeses, jams, and preserves, are exempt from registration. This exemption aims to support small local producers, promoting diversity in regional products.

Products considered low risk:

Some items that pose low risk to public health, such as certain fertilizers and fertilizers, may be exempt from registration. This measure seeks to simplify the process for products that do not pose significant threats.

Unprocessed Foods:

Some unprocessed foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, generally do not require registration with MAPA. However, it is important to note that the transportation and storage of these foods are still subject to specific regulations.


Each product category may have specific requirements. Rely on Stone Okamont's expertise to ensure that you follow the appropriate procedures and are fully compliant with the standards established by MAPA.

Reasons for registration exemption?

The exemption from registration for certain products is linked to the search for a balance between guaranteeing food safety and encouraging diversity and entrepreneurship. Low-risk or handcrafted products often do not face the same complexities inherent in industrialized products, making exemption an appropriate measure.

How can I find out if my product is exempt from registration with MAPA?

Trust in Stone Okamont's expertise. Our team consists of specialists with deep knowledge of the specific regulations of the sector in which your product is inserted. It is important to emphasize that each product category may have different requirements. By seeking the support of qualified professionals, we ensure that your company will receive precise guidance to comply with the appropriate procedures and be in total compliance with the standards established by MAPA.

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