Which products must have the SIF?

Which products must have the SIF?

In this blog we will deal with an acronym that is very used by the Ministry of Agriculture and that few people know of its importance and meaning, the SIF. To stay on top of this subject, follow the content until the end and any questions that arise during the reading fill out our form and talk to our consultants.


What you will see in this blog:

  • What is the SIF?
  • Which products need the Federal Inspection Seal?
  • What type of company can obtain the seal?
  • How to get the SIF seal?
  • Clear your doubts.

What is SIF?

The Federal Inspection Service popular by the acronym SIF is linked to the Department of Inspection of Animal Origin (DIPOA), being in charge of guaranteeing the quality of edible animal products designated for the internal and external market as well as imported products.

SIF works directly in industries, analyzing and checking slaughter animals, meat, milk, eggs, bee products, fish and all derivatives of those presented;

All products of animal origin under MAPA's responsibility are registered and approved by the SIF with sanitary and technological certification, in other words, they are ready to be consumed.

Which products need the inspection stamp?

It is essential that your products bear the SIF seal if you produce or prepare foods of animal origin such as:

  • Meat from animals (slaughter and butcher shops) and their products and by-products;
  • Fish (slaughter and sale) and derivatives;
  • Milk and its derivatives;
  • Eggs and their derivatives;
  • Honey and beeswax and its derivatives.

What type of company can obtain the seal?

Obtaining the quality seal, the SIF, is the only way to successfully market food of animal origin throughout the Brazilian territory or export it to other countries.

Therefore, the SIF seal serves as a guarantee that the product in question has been examined and is fit for consumption.

How to get the SIF seal?

The request for registration of the establishment with DIPOA is the first step towards obtaining the seal. Then, a survey is carried out to assess the industry in general, the establishment's water supply, the legal documentation requirements and the project, which must match those that the SIF has on file.

The slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses are subject to permanent inspections. In addition to the environment in which it is produced, the product itself goes through several stages of analysis and inspection to ensure consumer certification.

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