How to register shrimp feed on the MAP?

How to register shrimp feed on the MAP?

In this content we will show how to register shrimp feed in the MAP, the regulatory step by step, read the full blog.


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How is shrimp feed classified on the MAPA?

To register shrimp feed it is necessary to check which classification it fits. MAPA classifies feed as a mixture composed of ingredients and additives, intended for feeding production animals, which constitutes a ready-to-supply product capable of meeting the nutritional requirements of the animals for which it is intended, this classification is exempt from registration being only subject to registration.

Can I register shrimp feed directly?

To register shrimp feed on the MAPA, you must first obtain the Establishment Registration. The License is obtained according to the activity carried out by the company. So within the possibilities we have: producer establishment, import establishment, distributor establishment, storage establishment, export establishment and commercial establishment. In order to develop the activity of producing the food, your company will need to obtain a producing establishment in order to register shrimp feed on the MAPA.

Technical manager

The Technical Responsible (RT) of the companies plays a very important role in the fulfillment of tasks within the company. He is the link between government agencies, the company and consumers.

The establishments must have a technical manager with higher education so that the activities are compatible with the nature of the product. The technician in charge will be responsible for any infringement committed related to the product and the establishment.

The inspection, according to the decree, will be carried out in warehouses, ports, airports, factories and any place where animal feed products are located or transit, in addition to inspection of the products.

What is required for the regularization of products exempt from MAPA registration?

The basis of the regularization process is given by the classification of the product and the verification of it in the list of products exempt from registration in the MAPA.

The fact that these are products exempt from MAPA registration does not exempt the establishment and the technical person in charge from their obligations regarding the approval of formulas, labels and packaging, in addition to filling out the RTPI (Technical Report and Exempt Product).

As mentioned before, once the establishment is regulated, we will start assembling the technical dossier and filling out the forms for Product Registration with MAPA. Both must comply with quality standards and follow labeling criteria and other established requirements so that their composition only contains ingredients or additives approved by MAPA. The establishment must do this entire process before even starting manufacturing.

All right to register shrimp feed

At this stage you are ready to register shrimp feed!

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