How to register products in MAPA?

How to register products in MAPA?

A very frequent question we receive at Stone Okamont is: “How can I register my product in MAPA? ”

With that in mind, we developed this blog to help your company in this regulatory stage.

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What you will see in this content:

  • Registration of establishment;
  • How the product is registered;
  • Clear your doubts.

Here we will discuss in general how to obtain the registration of your product with the Ministry of Agriculture, since there are specific areas within MAPA, such as wines and beverages, animal feed, fertilizers, products of animal origin and veterinary product, that is, each one these areas demand specific documentation.

Registration of Establishment

The first step to start registering your product with MAPA is to have your establishment registered, which must be obtained according to your activity.

How is the product registered in MAPA?

Registering your Product with MAPA will allow it to be marketed.

We will use the Zero Bureaucracy method, which consists of three steps, to exemplify the process:

1) Classification of the product according to guidelines determined by legislation;

2) Compilation of the technical documentation, that is, the union of all the tests that prove the quality of the product and that are requested by MAPA; As previously mentioned, there are some documents that are common to all products, but others are required according to the type of product. Below I list some examples of specific demands, such as, if it has residual, if it needs intake evaluation, the recommended amount for consumption and a series of other information.

3) Presentation of a technical report, which is a document whose purpose is to collect and store all information about the product. Remembering that the regularization of products under MAPA's responsibility must have its documentation submitted in the SIPEAGRO system, including physical-chemical composition, instructions for use, packaging, labeling, stability, safety and efficacy test.

These processes related to the products will be evaluated by MAPA, which will give its opinion. Remembering that during the processes there may be demands, but don't worry about that, Stone Okamont exists to help you exactly in these matters, both in the creation and preparation of this process, as well as to help with the demands or notifications that MAPA may have to your enterprise.

We operate as an intermediary between the company and MAPA throughout the advisory and consulting process for Product Registration, facilitating the entire procedure in a customized way for each type of product.

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