How to register pesticides in the MAP?

How to register pesticides in the MAP?

Registering pesticides is a rigorous process that needs to ensure that it meets technical analysis requirements in various areas of evaluation.

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What you will see in this blog:

  • Registration of establishment;
  • Regulation of pesticides in MAPA;
  • Evaluation of pesticides by MAPA;
  • Clear your doubts.

Registration of Establishment

The Registration of Establishment with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities. Therefore, before registering a product, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply must grant the Registration of Establishment, proving that the company operates within the rules of its specific function.

Before starting the process to register pesticides in MAPA, you must legalize your company as a Producing Establishment. This license is intended for companies that transform raw materials into other products. That is, each specific activity receives a specific regulation.

Registration of pesticides in the MAPA

In order to be produced, used and sold in Brazil, agricultural pesticides and their components must be registered. They must adhere to standards set by federal agencies responsible for the agriculture, health and environment sectors.

  • The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA),
  • Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) and the
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

Each of these organizations evaluates the product in a different way. However, you are asked:

Agronomic test, toxicological test, ecotoxicological test, physical chemical characterization, metabolism and degradation test.

Evaluation of pesticides by MAPA

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for providing registration of the pesticide.

But for this registration to be granted, the applicant must present the following:

Experiments/pest/culture (new product). For a brand new product, field tests must be carried out to verify that it really works.

After being evaluated and approved by IBAMA and ANVISA, the MAPA allows the registration of the production and use of the pesticide. All records are made in accordance with the purpose of using the pesticide and must follow specific rules.

To determine whether a new product really works, tests must be performed.

For example, if the experiment is done to control perception in maize, the product will only be registered for use in the maize crop to control perception. That is, of course, if the product actually works for that purpose.

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