How to register an importer establishment of PET products?

How to register an importer establishment of PET products?

Do you import PET products and want to know how to register your establishment with MAPA? Stone Okamont will help you!

This sector of PET products has been growing more and more in Brazil, so in order to register your establishment that imports PET products, it is necessary to know which regulatory steps your company must follow.


How do I request the registration of the establishment?

To regularize your establishment that imports PET products, you must first obtain the Register of Establishment. The License is obtained according to the activity carried out by the company. So within the possibilities we have: producer establishment, import establishment, distributor establishment, storage establishment, export establishment and commercial establishment.

The registration of the establishment is done through SIPEAGRO, there are some documents that are requested in this regulatory stage, but making it clear that for the registration process of the exclusively importing establishment, some documents are exempted from presentation, namely: Descriptive memorial; floor plan of buildings; land plan, environmental license and Good Manufacturing Practices Manual (GMP).


System used by MAPA for registration and registration of Establishments and Products. Used as a tool for carrying out and monitoring Administrative Inspection Processes. It generates basic system reports and issues the certificate of Establishments and Products registered and/or registered by MAPA. It is divided into three modules: establishment, product and inspection.

Technical manager

The Technical Responsible (RT) of the companies plays a very important role in the fulfillment of tasks within the company. He is the link between government agencies, the company and consumers.

The establishments must have a technical manager with higher education so that the activities are compatible with the nature of the product. The technician in charge will be responsible for any infringement committed related to the product and the establishment.

The inspection, according to the decree, will be carried out in warehouses, ports, airports, factories and any place where animal feed products are located or transit, in addition to inspection of the products.

List of products to be imported

It is important to remember that to complete the establishment registration process, a list of possible products that your company intends to import is required, if your company already knows the exact products that will be imported, the correct list must be used to complete this step and register your establishment. importer of PET products the purpose of this list of products is to know if they are suitable for animal use.

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