Product Regulation

Product Regulation

Stone Okamont prepares the technical process for registration, gathering the necessary product information from your company for presentation and analysis by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA). We prepare usage instructions and labels, technical assessments, and the necessary files and forms, compiling all the information according to ANVISA formatting standards.

How does ANVISA Product Regulation work?

The ANVISA risk classifications range from I to IV, with I as the lowest risk and IV as the highest. Products with risk classification I and II may be registered, notified, or exempt. To perform product regularization, it is indispensable to have an Operating Permit (AFE) and a Local Operating License.

Our advantage

What makes us unique is that we use personalized methods, customizing our services according to the demands of your company. We thoroughly monitor the entire procedure, and are always aware of news about and innovations in the market.

We always work to achieve the best results for your company. We provide education and guidance to point you to the best path to follow on the road to success.

By delivering the highest-level of service at a fair price, and expediting processes to achieve ZERO BUREAUCRACY, we ensure that we are in sync with your objectives. This makes the entry of your company into the Brazilian market just another reason for us to travel toward the same destination.

Some activities performed together with ANVISA

Healthcare and healthcare-related products

Cosmetics, beauty, and aesthetics

Registration of sanitizing and household cleaning products with ANVISA



Product Regulation

Product Regulation

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