International ANVISA Audits

International ANVISA Audits

In order to promote efficient communication, Stone Okamont performs external audits with the purpose of ensuring your company’s compliance with the rules and regulations of international quality systems as required by Brazilian regulatory agencies.

What is an audit?

An audit is simply a methodical examination of the activities performed by your company. The goal is to analyze whether your performance is in accordance with both what was planned, and what is necessary for it to adequately operate within the existing legislation, rules, and standards of each country.

What is ANVISA?

ANVISA is the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, a government body attached to the Ministry of Health. It regulates the sanitary sector of services and products, whether national or international.

How can we help you?

Our task is to prepare your company and team to undergo an ANVISA international audit, accompanying the entire process between your company and the agency. We will then provide the necessary structure for carrying out any actions required as a result of the audit.

With that in mind, we offer a pre-audit plan consisting of employee training and advice regarding corrections to processes that are in non-conformity, among other activities that will facilitate the performance of the audit.

Stone Okamont’s goal is to understand your business objectives and assist you in finding all potential regulatory obstacles, helping your company navigate the bureaucratic maze safely and confidently, knowing all your objectives will be achieved.

ANVISA standardization with international systems

Do you need to update your company in order to comply with Brazilian regulatory standards? No problem!

Our team will help ensure that your existing quality systems comply with ANVISA rules, aiming to provide a path that facilitates audits without interfering with your local systems.

Stone Okamont’s team includes qualified professionals, who will serve you with all the efficiency your company needs.

International ANVISA Audits

International ANVISA Audits

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