Health Marketing

Health Marketing

With an innovative idea, we from Stone Okamont advice many companies every day, creating and applying methods that we use exclusively for our clients.

When we talk about this innovative idea, it's not just our methods we're talking about, it's also about our expertise and our purpose of delivering you a complete service, analyzing the possibilities of effectiveness to ensure your satisfaction. We believe that innovation is a key factor within a company, so that, with your acceptance when choosing our company, we will deliver to you much more than a zero bureaucracy method, but also a complete new portfolio of Health Marketing for your company.

We deliver to you, Health Marketing.

What would Health Marketing be?

From over 30 years of experience in the regulatory market, we understand and realize a major lack within a company, - a lack of preparedness to put your product or company on the market.

Health Marketing will be responsible for leveraging your company during its regulatory process.

Let's explain in a more didactic way. Depending on the category of product that needs to be registered with ANVISA - Health Surveillance Agency or MAPA - Ministry of Livestock Agriculture and Supply, the process may take 90 days or more. And during this registration process, your business will be digitally created. A corporate identity creation, a website that will be looking for the right audience for your product sales, among other things that will make your business fit to be exposed in the market and then start your selling profits.

Stone Okamont in partnership with RGB Communications

All this work will be done by RGB Communication, our new partners. RGB has been in the market for over 10 years delivering services in Digital Marketing and Digital Health Marketing. A company that also takes innovation seriously, with a major goal of leveraging the position of companies.

Why start Health Marketing along with Regulatory Affairs?

Marketing's work goes beyond just inserting your company in the digital market (blog / social medias). It's an ongoing job that has the responsibility to keep your company featured within its category.

Starting Marketing while your process is in progress, it means that you will be ahead of several competitors who have not had this planning.

Contact us and start your complete process and with the certainty of success in the market.

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