Brand & Health Identity

Brand & Health Identity

This is one of the main factors for a well positioned Health Marketing. Because of the period we are in, it is ideal that the brand has a very well-designed identity to be able to add value to the company, communicate through its own logo, and develop a consistent and permanent memory, so that your brand is not forgotten.

Health marketing applied in the regulatory area is the ideal way for you to ensure that your business grows and generate trust for your potential client.

What are the positive points of having a well-designed Brand & Health Identity?

As we said earlier, this process of branding creation is a fundamental point within a health company. Stone Okamont, in partnership with RGB Communication, has put together its knowledge portfolios, adding over 45 years of work to consistently offer numerous reasons / points to add the Health Marketing for your company. We have separated for you the main positive points, being:

Trust and Appearance: These two points go together, there is no way to convey trust without first capture the client by the appearance of his brand. We can say that it is one of the most important points of the process. When we say about transmitting trust, we also talk about offering a firm position of the company, showing the transparency and veracity of its values.

Memory and Position: The job of making your mark in the memory of those who see it for the first or second time, it is indeed important. The way that it will be disclosed needs some caution, and if this care is done by a professional, your brand will always generate a memory in those who knew it. So, with well-crafted memory, the company's position can be more easily guided, positioning your business along with your audience.

which services will we offer you?

This complete Health Marketing service that selects you includes:

1st Creation or Redesign of the Appropriate Brand for your Health Activity.

  • Creation
  • Application Analysis
  • Friendliness with the company
  • Reduction Tests
  • User Manual

2nd Corporate Stationery with development of:

  • Visit cards
  • Letterhead
  • Cards
  • Envelopes
  • E-mail signature

3rd Identity Manual

The identity manual is a document that has the function of ensuring a perfect application of the brand. It includes:

  •  Chromatic Patterns
  • Reduction Test
  • Application Options
  • Proportionality
  • How to apply and not apply

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